• KHO is participating at Mahadharma Festival on Sat, Nov 17, 2012 at Monumen Perjuangan Bandung. Yes, we grow healthy foods at our backyard. How about you? Join us
• KHO launches Halaman Organik competition for KHO members. Terms & Conditions, please download the file, click here
• Komunitas Halaman Organik article at Nirmala magazine Januari 2012 edition, pages 73-75
• Halaman Organik workshop special module By KHO For KHO was held on Januari 14, 2012
• First Gathering, member of KHO at FAM Organic Home, Jl. Cilandak (Atas) No. 5 Sarijadi Raya. Click here for the result
• Komunitas Halaman Organik at GREEN Festival Jakarta at Bentara Budaya, Dec 1-4, 2011. CLick for media coverage : MetroTV and
• Komunitas Halaman Organik On The Road has been held in Car Free Day Dago on Nov 27, 2011. Click here for pictures cillection
• Komunitas Halaman Organik is participating on GREEN Festival at Monumen Perjuangan Bandung, November 24-26, 2011. Click here for festival pictures
• Launching Komunitas Halaman Organik at Organic, Green & Healthy Expo in Jakarta, October 9, 2011. Click here for launching video.
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Welcome to HALAMAN ORGANIK website, the urban green & healthy community.

HALAMAN ORGANIK is organic home gardening, the combination of vegetables, herbs and ornamental plants, grown following the principles of organic agriculture at best we can in practical, easy, fun and sustained ways to deliver healthy & low cost produce and healthy environment but yet aesthetic.

This is the valuable investment for the healthiness of family & environment, for today generation and next generation especially at urban areas.

The use of organic fertilizers and organic pesticides restore the soils fertility and clean air. The healthy soils produce healthy crops that promote the healthiness of animals, people and environment. Healthy soils are porous which will absorp more water for better water reservatory. That's the beauty and power of organic treatment. Since the produce are for family consumption, for sure the owner will never use chemical fertilizers nor chemical pesticides.

HALAMAN ORGANIK is also very suitable for offices, schools and other buildings who are committed to the environment restoration. This will populate organic garden at urban areas which brings a GREEN and HEALTHY environment, produce and activities.

HALAMAN ORGANIK community was founded through years of experiences in organic commercial farming and organic home gardening as our based competency.

Your support is very appreciated.